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§1 General rules

  1. These terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as the „Regulations” of staying in the apartment within the network Apartments MyStay. It is an integral part of the apartment rental agreement concluded on the duration of the stay for purpose: holiday, tourist or business between the „Guest” and „Host” the company: U2 – Usługi Doradcze i Wynajem Apartamentów Dawid Wałęga, adres: ul. Jana Kazimierza 64/142, 01-248  Warszawa, NIP: 8721987911
  2. Definitions:

Host” – Dawid Wałęga or a person authorized by him.

Guest” – the person making the booking.

Apartment” – apartment that meets the standard specified in the Offer, rented for the price for a minimum of one Hotel Day.

Offer” – a description of the Apartment for rental: standard equipment, price, availability, location, promoted on websites that allow you to make a Booking for the Apartment for a defined number of people, for a specified period of time, and for a price.

Booking” – notification by the Guest who wishes to rent the apartment under the conditions specified in the offer, for a specific number of days and specific number of guests, for a specific price.

Booking Received” – confirmation by the Host received the Booking request.

Booking Confirmation” – confirmation by the Host that the Guest met the conditions necessary to rent the apartment, that is: made the payment and accepted the Terms of Service. Making a Booking confirmation results Apartment Rental.

„Apartment Rental” – it is an electronically made agreement between the Guest and the Host, and ensuring the accessibility of the Apartment for the Guest in accordance with the conditions specified in the offer, on the terms specified in the Regulations.

Cancelation of rental” – means that the booking and rental is canceled.

„Check in” – is defined as the arrival of the  guest on the first day of the stay, between 15 pm (CET) and 22 pm (CET)

Check out” – leaving the apartment by the guest, on the last day of the booking between 06 am (CET) and 10 am (CET)

Hotel Day” – period of time between 15 pm (CET) on the first day when apartment can be booked, and 10 am (CET) on the last day, when the apartment can be booked

Equipment list” – a list of the items that are present in the Apartment.

“Check in form” – online form, or printed document that contain a precise information about the Guest check in and Guest stay in the Apartment.

  1. The Host declares that he is entitled to rent and manage the Apartment rental.
  2. Guest declares that he has made a booking for himself or if it has been determined at the time of the booking: for himself and accompanying persons.

§2 Booking

  1. Apartment Booking can be made personally, or on the, or via phone, e-mail or web sites (eg.,,, etc.).
  2. Guests while booking the Apartment are obliged to provide:
    1. the number of people and number of days of the Apartment rental,
    2. names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  3. In response to the booking, the Host will send at the latest the confirmation of the Guest Booking within 12 hours
  4. Payment for the apartment rental can be made:
    1. via websites that support online payment during the Booking, such as:, etc.
    2. by bank transfer to Host Bank: ING Bank Śląski SA
      1. for transfers in Poland: 49 1050 1025 1000 0092 0224 1767
      2. for transfers from other countries: PL 49 1050 1025 1000 0092 0224 1767.
    3. by cash only after previous consultation with the Host and his acceptation on that. This option is extra payed and the cost is 20PLN/5euro.
    4. Payment for the rental can be made only in polish zloty (PLN).
    5. In case of bank transfer payment, Guest is obligated to send by e-mail to the following address: confirmation of payment, as an attachment in formats such as: .pdf or .jpg generated from the website of the bank where the payment was made.
  5. Payment for the rental of the apartment includes payment for the stay for the number of nights and guests indicated during the Booking process as well as cost of utilities.
  6. Guest after receiving Booking confirmation and before the „check-in” is obligated to complete the “check in form” online on, were he will enter:
    1. his real name and persona data
    2. inform about the planned time of check-in and check-out,
    3. make payment for the total value of the Booking with due VAT (8%), if these fees were  not payed at the stage of making a Booking,
    4. confirm that he accept, Regulation on Staying in the Apartment
    5. additional important information
  7. Check in form might be as well a printed document, that have to by sign by the Guest at the day of check in.
  8. During the Booking process, a deposit may be charged to cover any potential repairs required. The deposit is non-interest bearing and will be refunded after the Guest’s stay upon return of the keys and leaving the apartment in a satisfactory state.
  9. The deposit is interest-free and refundable after the stay in the Apartment, only if the apartment is in the same condition prior to the guest stay.
  10. In addition, if the guest wishes to recive a VAT invoice, he should report this fact and provide the necessary data, at least: name, address,  the recipient’s VAT number.

§3 Apartment rental

  1. If the Guest meets the conditions defined in §2, the Host will send an e-mail address indicated by the Guest Booking confirmation, not later than 2 hours before the guest’s „check-in”.
  2. At least 1 hour before check in, Host will send dedicated code for opening the apartment door.
  3. The Guest cannot demand a refund from any anused Host for the unoccupied portion of the stay.
  4. In case of Booking Cancelation:
    1. less than 7 days before check in date, the Host might demand 100% of payment for the whole Booking,
    2. more than 7 days before check in date, Host might demand 50% of the payment for the whole Booking,
  5. The host reserves the right to offer the Guest another apartment of a similar or a higher standard.
  6. The host can refuse to accommodate a Guest who grossly violates the Regulations or has violated the

general principles of community life.

§4 The regulation for the guest using  the Apartment

  1. For safety reasons, it is prohibited to use in the apartment electrical devices that do not constitute the apartment’s equipment and generate high volume of sound or high temperature (such as musical instruments tools).
  2. The apartment provided for the Guest and his companions is equipped with items listed the “Equipment list”
  3. Apartment is cleaned prior to arrival and after departure of the Guest. Additional cleaning may be ordered and is charged at a rate of 40 PLN / 15 EUR.
  4. Guests are obliged to use the Apartment and its equipment in accordance with the purpose of usage.
  5. The basic standard for the bedding preparation for each bed at the time of apartment renting is as follows: 1 quilt, 1 bedseets, 2 pillows. On special request during the Booking, it is also possible to prepare different set: 2 quilts, 2 bedsheets, 2 pillows and 1 quilt, 1 bedsheets, 1 pillow.
  6. For each of the guests and the accompanying persons 1 towel is available.
  7. Quiet hours in the apartment are from 22.00 to 7.00.
  8. It is prohibited to organise in the apartment parties that may disturb other  residents.
  9. In case of any interventions by the Police or Municipal Police, the Host has the right to impose a penalty of 400 PLN / 100 EUR.
  10. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the apartment and on the stairway to the apartment.
  11. For violating the no-smoking policy, the Host may impose a penalty of 400 PLN / 100 EUR.
  12. The Guest is fully responsible for any other persons that accompany or visit him in the apartment.
  13. The Guest is obliged to fully secure the apartment when leaving it, by closing all windows and locking the front door.
  14. The Guest is also obligated to take proper care of the keys  to the apartment. In case the key is lost or damaged, a fee of 200 PLN / 50 EUR will be charged.
  15. Children under 18 years of age  registered during the Booking can stay in apartment only under adult supervision. If only people under 18 years of age are in the apartment, then consent of their legal guardian is required. The full responsibility for the stay of people under 18 years old is assumed by their guardians.
  16. Animals can not be kept in the apartment.
  17. The guest is obliged to use the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose, including not taking any equipment from  the Apartment, as well as agrees not to  copy the keys to the apartment.
  18. In the event the Guest blatantly violates  the rules of using the apartment, the Host reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental and to expel the Guest and any accompanying persons from the apartment. The termination of the rental in this manner does not entitle the Guest to seek a refund for the remainder of the booked stay.
  19. The host is not responsible for any disturbances made by neighbors or any other people inside or outside the building where the apartment is located.
  20. The host reserves the right to come to the apartment during any time of the rental to check the guest’s personal data (such as: passport, or persona ID).

§5 Responsibilities of the Guest and the Host

  1. Guest is not authorized to rent the flat to other people or letting 3rd party people to stay in the apartment.
  2. Guests can check-in and check-out as defined by the hotel day.
  3. The time of the check in can be changed earlier (1pm) on individual request only if the host agrees to  the conditions that allow this. Required conditions:
    1. the apartment was not rented the day before,
    2. or when the  apartment was previously rented, it is possible to prepare it for an earlier check in.
    3. This option is extra payed in polish zloty: 20PLN/5euro
  4. The guest is obliged to request an early check-in no later than 3 working days before the first day of the planned stay in the Apartment.
  5. The time of the check out can be changed later (12pm) on individual request only if the host agrees to  the conditions that allow this. Required conditions:
    1. The apartment will not be rented to a new guest on the same day,
    2. or where despite the fact that the apartment will be rented, there is a possibility to extend the hotel day.
    3. This option is extra payed in polish zloty: 20PLN/5euro
  6. The Guest can leave baggage in the Apartment for free beside the standard check in and check out hours. Host do not take a responsibility for this baggage.
  7. The guest is obliged to make a request for a later check-out, at the latest on the business day preceding the last day of the stay in the Apartment. If there is no such a request, and the Guest stays in the Apartment after the time limit set for the check-out, he can be charged 10 PLN / EUR 3 for each additional hour stay in the Apartment.
  8. The guests cannot stay in the Apartment for another hotel day, without making a Booking. By accepting these Regulations, the Guest agrees that in the case of staying longer, (contrary to the Regulations), he will voluntarily submit to an eviction and will cover the costs arising from this action. The minimum cost of which will then be charged will be calculated as: the charge will be determined by the number of additional days after the initial booking multiplied by the rate that was charged during the booking as defined by the time limit set for the check-out.
  9. The keys to the apartment are located in the Apartment and Guest is responsible for their return.
  10. The guests may not give the key, or share code to the third parties.
  11. The guest making a check-out is required to lock the apartment with the code that is used to open them or using a key, only if he previously confirm with the Host the way of transferring the key to the Host.
  12. Immediately after entering the apartment the guest must check whether the equipment is the same as Equipment List and none of the equipment is damaged.
  13. In case of any of any missing or damaged equipment in the apartment, the guest should immediately contact  the Host or his representative. Failure to report missing or damaged equipment will not relieve the Guest of any financial charges..
  14. The number of people staying in the apartment must not be greater than that indicated during the Booking.
  15. Should the number of guests residing in the apartment exceed that indicated during the Booking process, the Host reserves the right to charge the Guest for each additional person with the charge rate of one hotel day resulting from the Booking or to terminate the Booking immediately without refund.
  16. The Guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of fixtures and furnishings which have arisen due to the fault (intended or unintended) of the Guest or the Guest’s accompanying or visiting persons. In the event of damage caused by the Guest or accompanying or visiting persons, an additional fee will be made by the Guest for the damaged or faulty furnishings/equipment in accordance with the current price increased by additional costs associated with buying, transportation and the assembly costs. Host is authorized to deduct any financial damages from the deposit paid. In the event where the cost of damages exceeds the deposit, the Guest is obliged to pay the remainder of the difference immediately.
  17. The host does not bear responsibility for any items brought into the apartment by the Guest, accompanying  or visiting persons in the apartment, or for a car parked on the street.
  18. The Booking is tantamount to the consent of the processing personal data of the Guests who will be accommodated in the Apartment, only for booking purposes. The person whose data is processed, has the ability to access their personal data and update it.
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